In this first step of your process we will work together to plan your unique photography session, selecting the perfect location, time of day, and custom designed wardrobe for you and your family.

Tell us what you love about your favorite types of images (black and whites, large canvas prints, photo albums, etc...) and we will make sure that it is all incorportated in your session plan.

We will let your vibe shine through. It's always so important to me that I represent the essence of who you are in the final images that you will display in your home. 

Your Session

On the day of your shoot we will meet at the mutually chosen location and let the fun begin!

Photoshoots are exciting and joyous events filled with laughter, precious connections, and memorable moments.

We can wander around a park, cityscape, or private home where we will do some serious posing as well as goof around and capture those silly candids of you and your children playing ring around the rosie, tag, or playing by the edge of the sea.

 My goal is for you and your clan to have a fantastic time while capturing those genuine smiles, bigger than life moments.

Review & Selection

After capturing our session, I will go straight to work enhancing your images to perfection.

You will be able to visit and enjoy your collection online with a custom username and password. 

Then meet me for a complimentary consultation


Make your selections remotely

That's it! After receiving your selection expect to recieve your custom portrait collection; all images will be yours to keep & enjoy!